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Welcome to the CloudEd Education & Training Program for our channel partners! This Program offers both guided and self-help educational pathways towards becoming an expert in consulting, recommending & specifying cloud services, and closing more cloud deals for your organization.

The CloudEd Program covers basic and advanced rationales for the cloud computing adoption thought process, as well as hands-on tutorial training on the ComputeNext Marketplace itself. We are honored to be partnering with CompTIA™, the industry-leading channel training & education organization, for all our cloud computing industry educational materials.

We’ve tailored this content to directly address the business challenges with cloud computing, transforming your organization into a service sales business, and providing deeper views into common cloud business workflows such as IT Security, Data Recovery, and Unified Communications.

ComputeNext Marketplace Training

The ComputeNext Marketplace is the key to finding a wealth of new resources and options for sourcing cloud services for tour customers. But, once you find a suitable cloud resource, then what?

This collection of short video tutorials is designed to give you a hands-on, step-by-step training experience on how to use the ComputeNext Marketplace. You can go through them one-by-one from the beginning, or can pick and choose the areas that you want to learn about on your own.


ComputeNext Account Creation

Creating an account on our Cloud Marketplace

In just a few minutes, you’ll be set-up with an account that gives you access to hundreds of cloud services from a variety of cloud providers located around the world. You can provision, procure, and orchestrate these services from a single account, single API, and monitor and control usage for all your customers with a single invoice and business relationship to make it easier for you to build a recurring revenue business in the cloud.

Update Payment Information

Control and Manage Payment Methods

ComputeNext makes it possible to procure multi-cloud resources and manage the cost of usage with a single payment method as opposed to managing several business relationships to run your cloud service business. Above a certain volume you can work on an invoice basis – this particular video shows how to go in and add your credit card for billing and usage.

Access Account Pages

Manage Account and Profile Information

Manage the account information and point of contact data for your ComputeNext channel program relationship. All correspondence will be routed as per the info provided here.

Cloud Marketplace Offering and Service Types

Easily Browse Services and Discover New Providers

Only ComputeNext offers such a varied selection of world-class cloud service providers. Whether you are looking for HIPAA compliant managed services or simply scalable public cloud resources for dev/test environments we grant access to the right infrastructure, services, and storage at the right price and service level. Contact your channel manager for even more specific requests and we’ll make sure your customers are satisfied with the choice of service provider.

Deploy Software on the Cloud

Deploy Software and Images on Demand

ComputeNext Cloud Marketplace has a number of images preloaded and ready for orchestration and scaling on our platform. You can also deploy private images and manage your own collection and snapshots of software to deploy on the cloud providers we have aggregated for your convenience. This makes it easy to spin up the right service for your customer in a repeatable and scalable fashion.

Deploy Virtual Machines on the Cloud

Spin up a Cloud Server in Minutes

ComputeNext has bundled software with infrastructure-as-a-service templates and VM templates so it’s possible to pick a VM size with an OS or image attached instead of having to run through any kind of customization or additional steps. Simply find the machine type, size, and software you need and provision it. Within minutes your customers will be able to access the software or machine over public IP.

Filtering and Finding the Cloud Services you need

Discovery of Services Made Easy as e-Commerce

Our Marketplace platform has been built with an intuitive interface to make it a simple e-commerce shopping experience for cloud servers, storage, and more. Search, filter, and drill down to find the services you need – where you need them. If you can’t find the services your customers require and don’t have an image available we can help load it onto the platform and make it easy to orchestrate for future use right from your dashboard.

Exploring cloud Provider Profiles

Learn More About Trusted ComputeNext Partners and Cloud Providers

We don’t believe that compute is a commodity – so we share our cloud service providers’ value propositions, features, and platform functionality with our ecosystem so you can measure their value for yourself. Providers may specialize or excel with specific workload types and can help you evaluate them either with data measured through our platform or other intelligence ComputeNext has captured over time.

Browsing Software Selection on the Cloud Marketplace

Find and Instantly Start Using the Software You Need

Our Marketplace makes it possible to search based on your software and application requirements and then choose which infrastructure to deploy it on. Using our familiar e-commerce user experience you can find the stack you require within minutes.

How to Start-Stop a Virtual Machine

Pause VMs and Workloads and Start Them Again Later

Some cloud service providers will enable you to start, stop, and pause VMs and even pause the billing cycle on your service usage. When workloads are spiky and elastic you can orchestrate cost-effective public cloud workloads by using and running them only when you require them.

Adding Volume Storage Block to Workload

Scalable Cloud Storage Can Be Added to VMs

When your compute workload requires additional storage you can find the storage size in blocks and add on to your workload in a simply and scalable fashion. When your customer needs change you can increase or decrease storage on demand, with some cloud service providers offering per GB or per month pricing.

How to Deploy Chef Cookbooks on a VM

Launch Chef Cookbooks on our Cloud Marketplace

Devops teams and developers can orchestrate and deploy infrastructure as code using the Chef Cookbook deployment method. With Cookbooks, savvy cloud users can push higher-order services with multiple dependencies onto infrastructure and come back to find their workload up and running with the exact configuration and versions they have specified on the cloud infrastructure needed to run it in scalable and on-demand model.


Cloud Sales Training by COMPTIA

The CompTIA cloud sales training content offers busy professionals the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skillsets to achieve organizational goals. As part of the ComputeNext CloudEd Program, you can choose one of the available CompTIA Executive Certificate training programs or browse through the self-help resources. All CompTIA content was developed by leading experts in the IT industry and, where applicable, is delivered by authorized CompTIA Faculty.


Executive Certificates

The CompTIA Executive Certificates are designed to give you the knowledge and expertise to accelerate your cloud business, as well as familiarize yourself with common workflows for the cloud today.

Instructor-led Learning:
For these certificates, we coordinate and schedule a time with you to conduct the training. Please note there is a minimum number of signups required

Cloud computing changes the entire conversation around IT services. Now you can resell these resources to your own customers as well, completely transforming both your business model and theirs. This powerful, five-part course from CompTIA will propel you on your way to an Executive Certificate, assuring your customers that you have the skills, wisdom, and experience to lead them through the most fundamental technology transformation since the advent of the microprocessor: cloud computing.

Availability: In-person training session, minimum # of registrations required.
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With the expertise and attention to detail offered through this six-course workshop, you’ll be able to lead your IT service provider organization in the regular practice of ensuring resilience through any scenario: system failures, orchestrated attacks, weather disasters , and sunny days. Build business models around continuity, resilience, and recovery that establish your presence in the market, and distinguish you from your competition.

Availability: In-person training session, minimum # of registrations required.
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With this extensive three-part training in Unified Communications, you’ll learn how to integrate services that used to be the exclusive domain of telephone companies, into your IT solutions portfolio. Identify areas of your customers’ business where lack of connectivity hampers productivity and innovation, and build services to correct this problem. Calculate returns on investment, and use these numbers as persuasive tools to win customer loyalty and trust.

Availability: In-person training session, minimum # of registrations required.
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Self-Help Resources

These are a collection of white papers, guides, and other resources for self-learning designed to build your competence in selling cloud solutions. Using these materials will help better establish you as the ‘trusted advisor’ for your clients, thereby paving the way towards broader cloud service adoption and increased recurring revenue.

Available resources include:

A broad understanding of cloud computing is the first step towards standardization of definitions and technologies. This research brief describes the basic components that make up the cloud computing ecosystem and examines the potential impact cloud computing can have on a business. The goal is to furnish IT professionals with the basic understanding necessary to make decisions regarding cloud computing for their own business.

The anticipated market upheaval resulting from distributors pushing the boundaries of the cloud computing industry to expand their own relevance will likely result in the need for a new type of technology provider. This paper offers unique insight for IT distributors looking to leverage cloud computing to deliver secure and reliable solutions to meet clients’ business, technology and regulatory needs.

What are the success factors for integrating cloud-based services into a solution provider’s business model? Can integrating these services generate business-sustaining revenue? This session seeks to answer these questions by covering the information introduced in the CompTIA Quick Start Guide to Accelerating Your Cloud Business.

The conversion to the cloud for solution providers isn’t as easy as registering all of their clients with the vendor that offers the proper web-based application. The cloud conversion requires a deep evaluation of your clients and vendors and assessment of how recurring revenue opportunities will affect your overall business model. This guide provides you with a roadmap for proper planning to avoid jeopardizing revenue, profit margins and event clients.

Although cloud adoption rates are high and market numbers are positive, there is still confusion related to cloud computing. Twenty-eight percent of survey respondents identifying as cloud users selected neither private nor public cloud as their usage model, pointing to confusion over terminology or lack of recognition for their cloud model. Clearing up this confusion should not be a primary activity but instead should be used as needed while discussing options for IT operations.


Additional Resources

Some of the certificates are available online, others require an in-person training session to be scheduled. There is a single link at the bottom of this section that takes you to our Certificate page at CompTIA to get started.

Do you have opportunities to talk to your clients about cloud services, but aren’t sure how to start the conversation? Or do you have clients asking for cloud services, but aren’t sure how to qualify their needs? Well…help is here! You can use our Cloud Assessment Form to ask the right questions, gather the right information, and send all of that data to us. Once we receive it, we will research and recommend the specific services from our Marketplace that would fit your client’s needs.

ComputeNext Channel Partners have direct access to services from dozens of cloud service providers and software vendors, all over the world, that you can recommend and sell to your clients. Browse through our Global Cloud Marketplace to get a better sense of the services we offer from our providers.

Do you have opportunities to talk to your clients about cloud services, but aren’t sure how to start the conversation? Or do you have clients asking for cloud services, but aren’t sure how to qualify their needs? Well…help is here! You can use our Cloud Assessment Form to ask the right questions, gather the right information, and send all of that data to us. Once we receive it, we will research and recommend the specific services from our Marketplace that would fit your client’s needs.

Looking for immediate assistance? Feel free to browse through our Support & knowledge Base to find answers to questions that have been asked and answered previously. Type in any term or word you want to search on, and get all the information we have on the topic.

Stay connected to all updates and news respective to ComputeNext and the cloud services industry in general.



These certificates are offered online, and you can do them at your own pace

The goal of this training is to facilitate a solution provider’s transformation into a trusted IT security advisor. Attendees learn to gauge the impact of emerging trends on their customers’ businesses, to explore ways to facilitate meaningful conversations around security and to leverage those conversations in the design and implementation of appropriate IT solutions.

Building on the ‘Executive Certificate in Cloud – Foundations’ program, this course of study addresses the specific “hows” of profitably integrating cloud-based IT services into a solution provider’s business. While much of the cloud-focused training currently available addresses generalities about business model transformation, this certificate program delves into the specifics of growing a cloud-based business.

This self-paced online tutorial offers an overview of the channel and the role of the channel manager. This is not a substitute for the face-to-face workshop, but rather prerequisite material.

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