White Label Cloud Marketplace for Data Centers and Telcos

Learn how Digital Realty was able to deploy a cloud service marketplace and sales portal to empower their 100+ global salespeople to deliver cloud services to their accounts in less than 10 weeks leveraging the ComputeNext Platform.

ComputeNext Powers Digital Transformation for Service Providers

Because the IT landscape is ever-changing the role of service provider is in a constant state of evolution. Cloud Service Providers have created a new and agile model for IT procurement by providing offerings that were scalable self-sustaining in nature. The ability to instantly deploy software, servers, and storage created a new alternative and a challenge to the traditional data center model of renting space and to run IT operations. Access this case study to learn how one Data Center and Colocation company was able to utilize a cloud marketplace in order to substantially strengthen their enterprise. Inside you will see how Digital Realty will use the cloud marketplace to remain at the forefront of innovation in years to come.

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