Become a ComputeNext Channel Partner

We are excited and honored to offer a compelling channel partner program for organizations that sell and manage technology services for their customers. Our channel partner program offers both Referral and Reseller partnership models, each with benefits and compensation scaled to the amount of service usage that can be driven through our Marketplace.

With our federation of providers coupled with our versatile platform, you can shorten your sales cycle and increase customer ‘sticky-ness’ by giving them the right choices and options towards a services-based model. Let us help you migrate your customers to the cloud, and put more recurring revenue in your own pocket.

Overview of Programs

Expand Your Global Reach

Joining our cloud ecosystem gives you access to over 40 cloud providers in various geographical regions, including the US, Canada, India, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Having a wide array of locations is better than being partner to just one service provider with limited reach and limited offerings.

Close More Deals

Our vertical marketplace gives your customers more choice when it comes to cloud providers as well as the ability to control everything from one place with our single sign-on, single billing.

Expand Your Team

Signing up for our program gives you access to our roadmap, our cloud experts and resources, support marketing efforts, indirect sales, technical and customer care, and unique product offerings such as media services. We’re stronger when we work together and have mutual revenue streams on a consistent basis.


Referral Program Info

About the Referral Program

Referring customers and businesses to ComputeNext can be a lucrative exercise. We want you to benefit from successfully matching a customer up with the tools they need to source their own cloud resources. Our Referral Program is pretty simple – make money for referring leads. The Referral Program does not have any qualification criteria, quotas, minimums, or other requisites.

Referral Program Benefits

  • Leverage ComputeNext marketing collateral & materials, logos, web banners, and other assets
  • Access to the ComputeNext Partner Portal for registering your referrals and tracking your compensation
  • Become a trained & certified cloud sales expert via the CompTIA® Cloud Readiness Program
  • Offer your customers a large catalog of on demand servers, storage containers, SaaS applications, and value added services such as Data Recovery and Backup services.


Qualification Criteria

  • Customer prospect must create a new account at the ComputeNext Marketplace web portal. Existing account holders are not considered qualified for referrals.
  • Customer prospect must consume a minimum of $250 of marketplace services, in aggregate within the first year of opening their account.

Referral Methods

  • Manual. You provide a unique referral code (generated by us) to any customer prospect you want to refer to us, and the customer prospect uses that code when they register for an account with us.
  • Automatic. You embed a unique URL (generated by us) into a web banner or other promotional property on your website. When a customer prospect clicks on that banner and eventually creates an account with us, we will link their account with your registry for the purposes of tracking usage and issuing appropriate compensation.


  • A one-time payment equivalent to the average monthly recurring revenue (“MRR”) generated through the referral customer’s account over the first three (3) months of usage.
  • A one-time $50.00 payment for each qualified referral customer that was referred via the “Automatic” referral method (above).
  • A bonus of $1,000 that is paid if a qualified referral consumes $10,000 (or more) worth of marketplace services over the first year since they opened their ComputeNext account.
Reseller Program Info

About the Reseller Program

We designed the ComputeNext Reseller Program to be simple, resourceful, and delivering strong margins to you for delivering powerful cloud solutions to your customers – anywhere in the world. The Reseller Program is an incentive-based package of commissions and bonus compensation, perfectly suited for any VAR, MSP, hosting company, or IT outsourcer.

Reseller Program Requirements

  • At least one (1) ComputeNext-qualified non-technical representative on staff
  • Ability to manage all transaction and billing relationship with customer(s)
  • Able to provide Tier 1 (“first degree”) technical and sales support
  • Deal registration via the ComputeNext Partner Portal


Qualification Criteria

  • At least one (1) ComputeNext-qualified non-technical representative on staff.
  • Ability to manage all transaction and billing relationship with customer(s).
  • Able to provide Tier 1 (“first degree”) technical and sales support
  • Deal registration via the ComputeNext Partner Portal


Reseller Classification – Red Shirt Veteran All Star
Gross Revenue Generated – $250 – $4,999 $5,000 – $14,999 $15,000 and up
Reseller Commission – 5% 10% 15%
Partner Portal Access
Sales & Marketing Collateral
Newsletter & Communications
ComputeNext Webinars & Events
Authorized GCM Reseller Logo
Open access to all training & educational materials
Full day in-house training/consultation session with ComputeNext expert*
Funding for joint marketing campaigns with ComputeNext**

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