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Without Cloud Media Distribution, Brands Fail To Meet The Expectations Of Modern Audiences

6971066948_5061276301_bIf you were born earlier than the late 1980s, you’ve lived through a revolutionary change in the way people consume media. If you were born in the 90s or later, you might not be aware of it, but you grew up in a media world that would be unrecognizable to both the consumers and producers of earlier decades.

We have media consumption expectations that require production and distribution workflows that are radically different from those of the past. To meet the expectations of the modern media consumer, media producers are beginning to rely heavily on the cloud, because cloud platforms are the only technology that provides the level of flexibility, reliability, and speed that modern media production processes need.

The days when a media producer could make their content available in a single format via a small number of channels are long gone. The media landscape has changed from being producer-led to a consumer-led environment where individuals choose how, where, and when they will watch. Some will watch on their smartphones while commuting, some will watch on their laptops, some will consume media on iPads and other tablets, and some will lean back and watch on widescreen TVs. Many people will do all of these throughout the day and all of them expect video and audio that is optimized for their preferred device.

For producers, that means transcoding video into many different formats and resolutions and providing the distribution infrastructure that will give consumers a high-quality user experience wherever they are.

Without the cloud, media production and distribution that matches modern expectations would be extremely expensive, requiring massive capital investment in infrastructure and ongoing costs to recruit the sort of expertise that can manage global distribution. Before cloud was an option, media production on this scale was well out of the reach of most brands and was beyond the capabilities of even large media production companies.

With the cloud, many of the factors that contribute to the production and distribution of high-quality media are becoming commoditized and almost trivially easy to use.

Need global distribution? You can push your media out to a cloud content distribution network and it will be automatically distributed to edge nodes all over the. Cloud media services can take care of automatically transcoding video to all the most popular formats and resolutions. The cloud is also the perfect platform for collaboration, allowing geographically dispersed teams to work together on media assets.

Best of all, the benefits of the cloud are available to everyone from solo media producers to brands and agencies with minimal capital investment.

In the future, video is going to be absolutely crucial for brands seeking to improve engagement and broaden their audience. Cloud media production platforms allow companies to craft a compelling media experience and distribute it with global reach. Brands that fail to leverage the benefits of cloud media platforms risk being left behind.


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