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VMWare: How to Beat the Bookseller…

Pat Gelsinger, CEO, VMWare

Dear Pat,

We are reading a lot about your comment in the VMWare Partner Exchange to your partners “If a workload goes to Amazon [Web Services], you lose, and we have lost forever”. This battle cry against AWS – along with your COO, Carl Eschenbach statement “I find it hard to believe that we cannot collectively beat a company that sells books” – is a good wake up call for VMWare Community.

VP of Infrastructure & Operations at Forrester research, James Staten, believes you’re dealing with the Innovator’s Dilemma; and missing the wave of disruption spurred on by developers “who value solutions that make it easy for them to deploy their application code with as little friction as possible” and who will increasingly expect rapid self-service and ease of use to deploy public cloud as well as corporate workloads.

He says that instead of “taking an approach that paints the public clouds as the enemy” you should be teaching your community how to involve into a true cloud. You have a massive pool of vCloud providers with differentiated value adds including geo-location, enterprise grade SLAs and support structure, and above all else – experience.

We believe that if you want to beat the bookseller, unite the vCloud ecosystem. Embrace Federated Clouds.

In some cases, VMware partners have taken their customers through the evolution of hosting, virtualization and now into cloud and IaaS. In order for VMware to beat the bookseller, there has to be a way to bring that rich ecosystem of VMware providers together, while still offering developers the low barrier to entry into the ‘commodity cloud’. According to VP of Cloud Services, Matthew Lodge, there are “over 140 clouds built on vCloud in 26 countries”. If the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, how can you take this ecosystem to bootstrap a true public cloud?

The way for your partners to exploit and provide value to their customers is to be part of a Federated Cloud Ecosystem and offer their cloud services in a Federated Cloud Marketplace. ComputeNext’s Federated Cloud Marketplace enables these partners to offer their resources to their customers (or anyone else) through a Virtual Cloud Service Provider and alleviates all the problems James identifies: “[vCloud Director] isn’t self-service. It doesn’t provide fast access to fully configured environments. It wouldn’t know what to do with a Chef script and it certainly couldn’t be had for $5 on a Visa card.” We do.

So what say ye? Ready to Embrace Federated Clouds.

Best Regards,
M. Srikanth
CTO, ComputeNext Inc.

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