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Using Cloud Servers for Post-Production

4 Reasons To Use The Cloud In Post-Production Media

The Cloud is neither foggy nor white when referring the mysterious computer term. The Cloud is a network of servers. Each has a different function. Together, they make up the mysterious usefulness called The Cloud. Post-production companies, in particular, should incorporate the Cloud into their businesses. Its usefulness makes the post-production process swifter and painless with increased flexibility and storage.

#1 – Collaborate from Anywhere in the World

The greatest benefit of the Cloud is the ability to collaborate with anyone from anywhere in the world. Two editors can review the same file at the same time in different locations. Since post-production companies are a collection of creative team members, this flexibility results in better products. The fact that the group doesn’t have to travel—or even come into work—to have a say in the product makes the Cloud and the software services available in it worth every penny.

#2 – Off-site Storage

Hard drives fail. Power outages cause work loss. There are a hundred different ways a computer, person or outside forces can wreak havoc on the media being edited, changed, or reviewed on your computer screen. The Cloud lets post-production companies store their valuable media away from the variables at work in an office. Security for those files is at the highest level and protects the files from theft and damage. In post-production companies, this added level of security protects the company’s investment in the product.

#3 Easy Integration of Software Systems

Your IT department will just love the easy flexibility and installation process of the software systems in your slice of the Cloud. In previous software installation, the IT team had to individually install the software on each computer and ensure that it married well with the other programs on the computer. Since these programs are run in the Cloud, the individual installation of the programs and checking for compatibility are unnecessary. The programs don’t run on the computer as the old stick-a-disc-in style software programs functioned. So, using the Cloud makes less work for your IT department and ensures a smoother post-production cycle.

#4 Streamline Work Flow

If your employees are consistently waiting for files to reach them from another department or even another office, the Cloud makes that transition from one place to another. Once one creative team member completes its portion, the next team just has to log in to access the file to work on it. There’s no courier, inter-office mail or email required. Others can even work on the file at the same time to complete the process faster.

Achieving this harmony in post-production makes utilizing the Cloud essential to having an easy, streamlined work flow. Members of the post-production team benefit from having easy access to the same tools available on all the computers at work and access to the Cloud on their home computers. If your post-production team could benefit from having the right tools available to them from all over the world, MediaPaaS has those tools at an affordable price. Plus, MediaPaaS requires no upfront investment and bills by the month. Add in variety of services a la carte or bundled. Interested in learning more?

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