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Spotlight on the New ComputeNext Marketplace Experience

After many months in the making, we’re excited to share the new UX/UI of our Global Cloud Marketplace! Along with better speed and performance sitewide, our marketplace has changed for the better in layout, functionality, and experience. Here are some featured improvements:


Improved Marketplace Visual Experience:

Our goal in overhauling the marketplace UX was to fix up the existing marketplace to be more intuitive and in line with our recently-revamped company website.


Marketplace Homepage

ComputeNext’s newly designed Global Cloud Marketplace

We modernized the look and feel of our marketplace by carefully considering colors, fonts, and spacing to make everything streamlined. We’ve also integrated icons in place of text as much as possible to easily convey information to speakers of different languages.

The new marketplace is also more organized and mobile-friendly, so anyone can quickly access cloud resources on the go.


Marketplace Mobile Site

The new global cloud marketplace is optimized for mobile browsing and window resizing.


Improved Software Selection Process:

We worked hard putting ourselves in the shoes of our customers and responded to their feedback in improving the workflow process when it comes to Software as a Service (SaaS), leading to a much more intuitive experience. Now it is easier than ever to make a workload based around software needs. For example, customers are able to select the location and provider directly from any given product page. They are then able to see pricing details and performance metrics before adding the product to their workspace.


Software Selection Pane

The new Software Selection Pane makes it easier to make a workload based around software needs.

It’s much easier to configure Virtual Machines (VMs) with the new marketplace. The marketplace is now also very friendly to Chef Cookbooks.

New Features:

Along with improvements to site performance, aesthetic, and existing processes, we’ve also added some new features to our marketplace experience.

Users can now use our comparison tool to better discover which cloud solutions are right for their specific needs by seeing side-by-side metrics for multiple products in an easy-to-read format. Users can then immediately add their choice to workload or save them for future use with another new feature called Wishlist.


Product comparison tool

Our powerful new comparison tool helps users be sure about which products are most suited to their needs.

The Wishlist feature that allows users to tag products and services they will want or need in the future by clicking the heart icon while hovering over any product on the marketplace. This enables users to easily find cloud solutions or stacks that appeal to them again upon returning to the marketplace without needing to add them to their workloads as well as share possible products with others.

Wishlist Tool
The Management section has also been overhauled so that using it is simpler than ever. Now it is more in line with the marketplace design as a whole. We’ve supped it up with new features with even more search options currently in development.

We are committed to thinking like our users and strive to keep improving the marketplace to enable all of our users to be the masters of their own cloud needs. Let us know your feedback over e-mail at [email protected] or in the comments section below!

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