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Shadow IT at NASA and Cheaper ProfitBricks IaaS

NASA Cloud Deployments Insecure

Even the space-bound practice Shadow IT. According to the NASA agency’s Office of the Inspector General,

“weaknesses in NASA’s IT governance and risk management practices have impeded the Agency from fully realizing the benefits of cloud computing and potentially put NASA systems and data stored in the cloud at risk”

It’s report noted that moving data into public cloud without notifying the CIO’s office and following protocol and their established security and test systems.

ProfitBricks IaaS Cuts Prices by 50%

ProfitBricks, one of the better performing pure-play IaaS providers available has recently slashed prices to lead the way for cheaper cloud infrastructure. In comparison to Amazon EC2, ProfitBricks customers can save at least 45 percent in a one-to-one comparison (MI Medium instances were used to compare.)

IBM Cloud Revenue Under Investigation

IBM has recently announced that the way it reports its sales from cloud computing is currently under investigation by the Securities Exchange Commission. The investigation was learned about in May by IBM. IBM said in July that its cloud revenue is up more than 70 percent in the first half of its fiscal year. It has a target of reaching $7 billion in cloud-computing revenue by 2015.

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