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Public Cloud Adoption Sees 28% Year-On-Year Growth

Public Cloud AdoptionThere’s no doubting that the cloud has made a huge difference to how organizations think about infrastructure deployment, but even the most enthusiastic cloud cheerleaders are likely to be surprised at just how quickly cloud adoption is growing among businesses of all sizes.

According to new research, 94 percent of businesses use the cloud in some capacity. 89 percent are taking advantage of the benefits of the public cloud. In a similar survey carried out last year, 61 percent of businesses responded that they were using the public cloud. Over the course of the year, cloud adoption has seen massive growth.

Of particular interest is how businesses are choosing between public and private cloud deployments. Only 7 percent of businesses are making exclusive use of the private cloud; the vast majority choose to use only public cloud platforms (29 percent) or a combination of public and private clouds (58 percent).

Among enterprises with over 1000 employees, the most popular strategy by far is to deploy multi-cloud environments, with 11 percent building a private multi-cloud solution, 15 percent relying on multiple public cloud platforms, and 48 percent using a hybrid multi-cloud strategy.

The fact that three quarters of all large businesses are choosing multi-cloud strategies is a sign of the maturity of the cloud ecosystem. Businesses are more comfortable with the idea of building their cloud infrastructure with solutions provided by multiple vendors, selecting the mix of platforms that best meets their particular needs — a strategy which is powerfully enabled by cloud marketplaces that provide a smoother path to multi-cloud adoption and integration.

We’re in the middle of cloud price-war, with large cloud vendors slashing their prices as technology improves and they seek to undercut each other. Cloud platforms have occasionally been labelled as excessively expensive when compared to more traditional hosting and infrastructure deployment strategies, but that’s being quickly eroded as a potential source of resistance.

In combination with on-demand pricing, minimized CAPEX, and simplified deployments, lower storage and compute costs are likely to drive even stronger growth. The 11 percent of surveyed businesses that have yet to invest in the cloud either have no need for IT infrastructure or are surprisingly resistant to making positive operational changes.

It’s an exciting time for both cloud vendors and their customers, with many new vendors entering the marketplace to take advantage of what is likely to become almost universal adoption of cloud technology in the coming years.

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