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Mobile Gaming and Scalability in the Cloud

Mobile Gaming and Scalability Solutions

As smart devices continue to gain popularity around the globe, more game developers have taken to designing games to be played on phones and tablets. Part of the beauty of the information age is that game creation and true creativity are no longer limited to large, long-established companies—anyone can learn to code a mobile app and make it available to the public.

However, how does a game developer know how much storage and computing capacity needed for a game that hasn’t been launched? If your application crashes, users won’t be forgiving since there are plenty of other game and app options available. Conversely, if developers invest in too much traditional server space, they risk wasting money that could have been put to better use. Mobile apps are famously volatile and unpredictable in popularity, but one thing is certain: nobody will download or keep an app that doesn’t work.

The Problem

What is the problem with all of this gaming? The servers and storage requirement needed for such a wide array of offerings like multiplayer options, playing across multiple devices, and fluctuating demand puts a strain on even the most well-engineered server. If a game or application has an unexpected surge in popularity, traditional servers on hand might not be up to the challenge of millions of customers overloading capacity, leading to potentially overworked servers, crashes, or other storage issues. Game developers are, in short, challenged with the issue of scalability in an ever-changing environment like mobile app stores.

The Solution

By allowing for unlimited space through cloud computing solutions, game developers are free to create without needing to worry about scrambling to secure more last-minute storage space, leading to a smoother experience for mobile app players and others on the platform. In the case of subscription games with high user volume, developers simply cannot afford to risk a server crash or other issue happening in the middle of a game. Customers won’t understand why their game suddenly stopped playing—but they will be highly frustrated that that did not get to finish their game. With the flexibility and scalability of cloud storage to pay for just the space needed as demand fluctuates, developers don’t have to worry about these potential problems and can instead focus on the issues that need focusing on, such as building new games or a new mobile app forr customers to enjoy in the future.

Security and Convenience

Cloud storage offers the best of both worlds—both security and convenience—when it comes to low-cost solutions that work. Cloud computing solutions are the best way to go when it comes to secure locations to locate your mobile gaming files and operate such a high end gaming system. It is also a selling point to tell potential customers that you have a backup plan that is based on a cloud storage system that cannot be broken. That’s security and reliability your customer will appreciate.


The risk of losing important files or lacking the bandwidth or storage required if a mobile game becomes popular is a risk too great to take. However, with cloud computing, app developers can avoid making big server investments based on risky predictions, scale the amount of storage to meet demand, and rest assured that all data will be securely virtualized and easy to retrieve.

With cloud providers operating worldwide, game and mobile app developers can get the security and convenience from professional cloud solutions. Visit us today at ComputeNext.com, a global marketplace of cloud servers, software, storage, and other tools to set up your own solution.


Image: Flikr/Sergey Galyonkin

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