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Managing Digital Media Success with Cloud Services

Managing Digital Media Success with Cloud Services

For a business centered on delivering content via the internet, sudden huge peaks in traffic are both desirable and dreaded. You want as many people as possible to see your work, you rejoice every time a piece of content suddenly goes viral, but you also wonder whether your infrastructure can cope with the unexpected demand.

Every slow-to-transfer file, every video that stutters instead of streaming smoothly, every person who can’t view the content because your server is overwhelmed, is a lost opportunity. If people can’t access your work, they’re likely to wander off and never return again. All the marketing and social media outreach efforts you’ve made are wasted.

New ways of working bring new challenges

Dealing with peaks in demand isn’t the only concern facing digital content creators and providers. Collaborating with teams on location, providing real-time live event coverage, managing assets, delivering customized content for different audiences, and uploading/updating content quickly and easily from all sorts of devices, wherever one may be, is a necessity too.

The majority of the industry’s biggest challenges have one thing in common: a need for reliable, speedy file transfers. As we all know, moving big video files takes a lot of bandwidth. Access to a fast, stable connection on both ends – send and receive – is never something you can count on. You need to rely on solutions that can deliver files fast no matter how the network is performing.

A cloud solution just for digital content providers

A cloud solution for content providers should offer more than storage space. It should also deliver efficiency, economic and creative benefits.

Content providers need the ability to automate and control the entire workflow, including the delivery of high-definition live or on-demand media. The solution should perform content verification, transcode video on the fly for any device or platform, and allow you to annotate, tag, and share files from anywhere where you have internet access.

And since time is always of the essence, it should enable accelerated file uploads from editing stations or from remote locations. And it certainly shouldn’t require a tech whiz on constant standby – the solution has to be user friendly.

Delivering content on time, within budget

It obviously makes no sense to invest big in acquiring the hardware and other resources a business needs only during periods of extreme demand. Instead, look for a cloud-based solution that provides immediate scalability. This allows you to control costs and efficiently manage resources.

The right cloud solution will enable growth too – if a business decides to build more content to capitalize on success or draw more attention, the service should provide for that sort of expansion in real time. It should also enable you to easily add new functionality to support your wildest creative visions.

Conclusion: move your creativity to the cloud

Cloud services offer benefits to all industries, but to get the most from your cloud make sure you have access to the features the digital content business needs: accelerated file transfers, content editing and management – as well as rock solid reliability and on-demand scalability.

In other words, you can’t just dump your content into any old passing cloud and hope for the best.

MediaPaaS from ComputeNext is both a cloud service and a curated collection of leading solutions for the digital content industry. And since we’ve been talking so much about the industry’s need for speed, you should know that MediaPaaS provides access to groundbreaking file transfer software FileCatalyst, which enables you to transfer large files much faster than you could with FTP, HTTP or other TCP-based technologies.

Those accelerated transfer speeds are achieved regardless of network conditions, latency levels or packet loss.  And if you’re sending revisions, FileTransfer can send only the new material, speeding delivery times even further.

We invite you to find out more about the benefits of FileTransfer and MediaPasS.

Image: Flikr/Oran Viriyincy

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