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Hot Air in the Clouds, May 31st 2013

Global IaaS/PaaS Pie at $2B (Microsoft and Google, Getting More of It)

IaaS, PaaS, Market Share

IaaS and PaaS Market Share and Growth from Q1 ’12-’13

Global IaaS/PaaS revenue up a healthy 56% from the same quarter last year, equating to a pie the size of $2B for cloud service providers (and their cloud brokers!) to share, according to Synergy Research Group. North America continues to blaze the trail, accounting for more than half the global market whereas APAC and EMEA accounted for 21% and 20% respectively, with in LATAM. Players to watch who have increased their market share from last year? Microsoft and Google in a big way.

A CERN Environment Migration to OpenStack Being Called “Hype-driven”

OpenNebula project director takes a swing at CERN for moving to OpenStack. According to David Meyer, a senior writer at GigaOM, CERN has moved an environment of 16,000 VMs on 400 boxes from OpenNebula to OpenStack – making it one of 3 OpenStack deployments in use by the organization that invented the internet. Tim Bell, CERN’s infrastructure manager, said OpenNebula was useful for exploring scenarios but switched because they “wanted to take advantage of the ecosystem.” According to OpenNebula director Ignacio Llorente, “as far as I know this movement was not a technical issue, it was a hype-driven decision” based around a realigned management at CERN’s cloud initiatives.

Morgan Stanley Managing Director Sees Cloud Service Brokerage in Evolution of IT, Solution to Latency Issues

Michael O’Toole, the global head of data centers and a Managing Director of Morgan Stanley whose responsibilities include transforming the viewpoint of the data center as a compute+storage closet into a business outcome center. Morgan Stanley has seen early results from leveraging cloud services as part of their business processes, with “millions of service request [sic] that go through that system every year.” Michael views hybrid cloud as the next logical step in the evolution of the financial firm’s cloud applications. Matthew Finnegan reports from DataCentres Europe 2013 in Nice, Italy for PC Advisor UK that Michael suggested that hybrid cloud deployments will have a particular challenge to overcome – latency.

“The number one challenge is getting deterministic latency. In our business the return time to whatever exchange or liquidity pool you need to get to is really important, and that is something that is not yet properly in the cloud mentality, that latency is really important.”

Additionally Michael went on to mention the challenges facing cloud deployments in terms of benchmarking public clouds vs. private clouds which have been internally deployed. He expressed that there is a lack of methodologies easily compare cloud service providers, and that performance alone has to be weighed with a number of other factors – calling on the need for procurement knowledge on the technology side in the IT department.

Michael continued on that hybrid cloud deployments will require

“cloud architects, people who build cloud brokerage services – really the face of IT departments is going to change a lot when this future actually evolves.”

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