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Hot Air in the Clouds, May 3rd 2013

Accenture Wants to be a Cloud Broker

Consulting firm Accenture just unveiled its own Cloud Platform, which it calls a cloud services broker for the enterprise. Consisting of a mix of software and services, the platform has been likened to an “an app store” by Senior Manager Director, Jack Sepple, “but some of the apps have been pre-integrated.” Funny thing, there is no Amazon Web Services – or mention of any other public cloud for that matter, so just how ‘cloud’ this platform aims to be is still a developing story.

Ping Identity Offers Common Sense for Cyber Security Concerns

Ping Identity but together a great info-graphic here on the effects of password overload, overkill and its subsequent workplace effects. Security is a big issue in the cloud, but employee cyber security is important as well. Often times we have to remember too many passwords, and reusing passwords can compromise our security. So throw out those sticky notepads full of passwords and use some common sense!

Big Data and Snail Mail

A highlight was recently published on how USPS leverages big data to fight against fraud. Every day the postal service processes over 528 million pieces of mail. Any strange variance with postal tag information can be almost instantly detected, and can be directed to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service for investigation. While they’ve got big data sorted out in the sorting process, what do they do with all those bits stored in their massive Oracle warehouse is another question.

Microsoft’s Webmail Relaunch Taking Hold

Microsoft’s outlook.com has just surpassed over 400M active accounts. It only took Microsoft about 6 weeks to transfer over 150 million gigabytes of data from the old Hotmail to the new Outlook, a sheer feat due to volume alone. Currently, Google’s Gmail service is still the most widely used, with a user-base of over 425 million.

Are You Using These Popular Cloud Apps?

Cloud Computing Path recently blogged about some of the best commonly used cloud based apps worth giving a try. Notable everyday services include Gmail, Google Drive, Office365 and DropBox.

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