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Hot Air in the Clouds, May 24th 2013

VMware’s Hybrid Update

In VMWare’s rumble and roll to better compete with AWS they’re launching an expanded set of public/hybrid cloud services. This vCloud Hybrid Service is being launched alongside the availability of 4 VMware data centers. It’s crucial to look at the pricing model, because as VMware isn’t building supersized and ultra commoditized data centers, they will be inflexible in the current IaaS pricing war. If you want to pay .13 cents per GB/hour you have to commit to a year. But how many times will AWS cut prices during that contract? Will their enterprise client base care? Will it drive their partners to contribute towards an all VMware ecosystem like we’ve wondered about?

via GigaOM

VMware Pricing

Dell Pushes Public Cloud Strategy to Partners

A change of heart for Dell who have decided to withdraw from the public cloud game this month, and will instead offer the Dell Cloud Partner Program. Currently, Dell has announced Joyent, Scalematrix, ZeroLag, and one more undetermined provider as North American partners. Most likely leveraging newly acquired technologies of Enstratius — Dell will serve as a storefront for a collection of cloud providers; although no partners outside of North America have been listed yet, Dell does have plans to expand offerings into Europe.


Google Compute Engine Rolls Out

The general release of Google Compute Engine earlier this week follows a period of beta, but more-so it’s an extended development of their App Engine into a true IaaS product leveraging their blazing backbone and network capabilities. For the past year the service has been in private beta. Currently, the prices are on par with AWS and Windows Azure, but Google is also offering micro pricing with billing options by the minute and options available for short workloads. This type of pricing may attract more individual and home cloud users and developers.

Cloudscaling Raises Series B of $10

Cloudscaling, a start-up focused on Openstack infrastructure management, has raised a series B round of $10M funding from Trinity Ventures and new investors Juniper Networks and Seagate. By focusing on virtualization within spreading data infrastructure networks, companies can expand their data networks without the added bulk and costs of additional hardware centers.

Skyhigh Networks Raises Series B of $20M

Skyhigh Networks has raised a Series B round of $20M from Sequoia Capital to develop a service to monitor and control cloud based apps that employees are using within a firm. With the rise of bring your own device (BYOD) work environments, companies are having a harder time preventing information leakage or security breaches. By monitoring app usage, companies can detect potential security issues, optimize app subscriptions, and better enforce internal IT policies. Skyhigh CEO Rajiv Gupta explains that the “money will be used to expand [their] sales, marketing, engineering teams and programs.”

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