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Hot Air in the Clouds, May 17th 2013

The Cloud Will Make it Rain Popcorn

According to Robert Jenkins, CEO of IaaS provider CloudSigma – the cloud isn’t being fully utilized by Hollywood, and that’s a problem. Currently the media industry’s workflows and approach to production creates silos and bottlenecks. Let’s look at the new 4K resolution, where a 50 minute file comes in about 20-30GB.  After shooting you have to move this from on-site location to post-production, which could mean sending hours upon hours of footage cross-country or overseas. Without a file acceleration technology like FileCatalyst it’s like playing pong in slow motion. These complex media workflows could be streamlined using cloud services to decrease the time to market for sequels while decreasing the investment risk to create new IP as well.

More information on ComputeNext’s own suite of Media Services, found here.

BMC Software Wants you to Automate More

CloudTech recently highlighted the importance of automation for cloud service providers. And pushes to automate parts of the cloud service offering that don’t add value or differentiation, saying that sometimes, “It’s much cheaper to offer the plain vanilla version of everything, including cloud services.” They mention that through automation within provisioning, compliance, and configuration and patching, service providers and their customers can realize reduced costs, risks, and improved service deployment.

Walmart Labs Looks for Cloud Portability

Wal-Mart Labs has announced its acquisition of two startups, OneOps and Tasty Labs. OneOps who enable continuous lifecycle management of complex, business-critical workloads on any cloud-based infrastructure, and was one of the GigaOM LaunchPad competition finalists in 2012. Walmart Labs explains that the acquisition will improve their internal Paas and IaaS strategies. Tasty Labs, on the other hand, will help Walmart build and expand their e-commerce platform.

Sprint Launches IaaS

Sprint has recently entered the IaaS market with the introduction of Spring CloudCompute, in partner with CSC. Currently the service is only available to customers within the United States. Sprint Principal Analyst John Madden emphasizes that “Sprint’s relationship with CSC brings together high-profile skills of two trusted providers for IaaS.”

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