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Hot Air in the Clouds March 22nd, 2013

New Research Details “Dire Need” for Cloud Service Brokerage

A new paper recently published by Research and Markets desribes the need for Cloud Services Brokerage (CSB) to unify the ever expanding cloud services market segment.  As the number of providers and types of services increase, it is becoming easier to get lost trying to pick a provider that meets the customer’s needs.


“In order to address this seemingly large gap between different standards, platforms, services, and offerings, a unified platform seems to be the only resort, and is ascertained to bridge the gap.”


We also believe and have written that cloud brokerage should be bridging the gap and helping drive towards a level playing field for cloud service providers, while promoting open cloud standards.

IBM on the Hunt for IaaS

There are reports stirring as IBM may be looking to acquire a major IaaS provider to boost their own cloud offerings. Gigaom says that IBM is interested in Rackspace and possibly Softlayer as well. Rackspace is one of the largest IaaS providers competing against Amazon, and is one of the principle companies involved in the open stack project. IBM just recently started to push support for Open Stack, and a deal between IBM and either provider will reinforce their desire to support the OpenStack platform.

Cloudera and T-Systems Team Up

Cloudera recently announced a partnership with T-Systems, a leading European IT systems provider. Together, they aim to set up big data analytics solutions and set the standard for “Analytics as a Service” in the cloud. T-Systems will integrate its existing cloud infrastructure with Cloudera’s platform, but the service is only available now to T-System’s enterprise customers in Europe with additional worldwide markets to follow.

Another Hosting Provider, Webair Opens up its IaaS

Hosting provider Webair announced the addition of a new IaaS called ProtoCloud, built with “scalability and availability in mind.” WebAir Executive Sales Manager Gerar Hiner states Protocloud will be able to integrate with “various other cloud hosting and traditional hosting services” to build “highly customized and hybrid environments” to best customer needs. In related news, GoGrid blog posted an article recently about how auto-scaling works and the back end technology involved, which can be found here.

Cloud in the College

Universities are switching to open cloud services to promote collaboration and aid in research. Since research often involves large amounts of data and information that needs to be analyzed or moved around, cloud’s flexibility with throughput and bandwidth has made it a popular choice for researchers. Open cloud is embraced due to the ease of sharing data with other researchers, and it allows them to more easily collaborate on projects.

9 Threats to Cloud Computing from the CSA

Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) has recently detailed a list of the top 9 threats to cloud computing this year. The threats include Data Breaches, Data Loss, Service Traffic hijacking, Insecure interfaces and APIs, Denial of Service attacks, Malicious insiders, Cloud Abuse, a lack of knowledge about the cloud, and shared technology vulnerabilities. The full list with can be found here.

Rackspace Looking to Educate the Masses

Rackspace has launched its Open Cloud Academy pilot training program to help address the shortage in skilled IT professionals with a cloud background. A survey of over 1300 firms commissioned by Rackspace found that 43% of companies are finding it difficult to find IT workers with cloud computing skills. Classes are expected to cost $3500 for a six to eight week class, and Rackspace has stated that they are planning to hire some of those who go through the class.

Amazon and the CIA to Build a Private Cloud

Reportedly Amazon Web Services is building the CIA’s internal cloud computing platform.

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