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Hot Air in the Clouds March 15th, 2013

Oracle, Acquires Cloud Provider (What They Choose to Call it, Remains to be Seen)

On Wednesday March 13th, Nimbula, one of the early proponents of private cloud founded by Chris Pinkham and Willem van Biljon, veterans from Amazon Web Services have made big news this week. The private-cloud provider of infrastructure management software was bought by Oracle. Oracle suffers from bloated software packages, while Nimbula suffered from a lack of private cloud buyers. This merger will help alleviate issues for both sides.

Whether or not Oracle chooses to align itself as having cloud products, or simply leverage the talent gained from the Nimbula team remains to be seen.


Global Forecast

According to the IDC, Brazil’s cloud market is expected to grow 74.3% over the next three years. Boa suerte! Similarly as with other cloud market forecasts, IaaS is expected to be a major driver of this growth throughout the period as organizations seek to utilize cloud infrastructure to increase agility.

The economic powerhouse of China however is still relatively weak in terms of the cloud computing market. Forrester claims that many provincial government agencies in China are in developmental stages for cloud center development, if true – the Chinese cloud market should start to grow faster than any other Asian market.

Envista Map “PaaS” Gift Wraps Google Maps

Envista launched the world’s first PaaS powered by the Google Maps Engine with IRIS. IRIS is a cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service designed to enable an organization to rapidly configure, not code, location aware web apps without the need for any special training.

They’re targeting utility, pipeline, and other industries with this PaaS in order to help them reduce time spent in building map apps, getting them to market fast and leveraging Google’ extensive Maps Engine which according to most is the best of breed.

VMware Rumor Mill

It seems VMware is further aligning its iron-sights at AWS customers when they officially announced a new vCloud beta with enhanced IaaS hybrid cloud functionality. The invites mention a possible launch in mid-2013. Technical information is still unreleased, but expect more information as the year progresses.

Netflix says, ‘Show us your moves’ – Launches a Cloud Provider Showdown

Netflix is openly challenging cloud providers across the world to improve the features, usability, quality, reliability, and security of cloud computing. They are putting up $100,000 to be split among 10 total categories. Contest’s valid until Sept. 15.

Cloud + SMB = Mild Confusion

A recent study shows that small businesses are still confused as to what the cloud exactly is. Often times, these businesses are running cloud without even realizing it.

MIT + New Product (DBSeer) = Lower Costs

MIT is developing a new system called DBSeer to prevent over provisioning of cloud services. This in turn will reduce costs and help with the diagnosis of app slowdowns. DBseer will monitor performance and number and type of traffic to find correlations between the two, and then predict optimal workload levels to optimize usage.


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