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Hot Air in the Clouds, June 14th 2013

Safe Harbor from PRISM in Cloud Storage

The news and controvery surrounding the U.S. National Security Agency’s PRISM program has been the talk of the internet town this past week. As we discovered last week, many internet darlings such as Skype, Facebook, Google and many more have been found as registrants in a program to share user data with the NSA. However, some storage and backup companies have now come out to reassure users that their data is safe. Companies like Backblaze, EMC, Mozy, Mega, Spideroak and IDrive are all reassuring users of data privacy today.

SpiderOak’s Ethan Oberman blog on Security vs. Privacy, and your data at Spideroak:

“I can say definitively that our users’ data is encrypted client-side, uploaded, and stored in its fully encrypted state which means we are never able to view plaintext user content under any circumstances. In short, PRISM would be wholly and entirely useless in the SpiderOak context.”

CEO of IDrive Raghu Kulkarni on client side encryption and PRISM:

“With our 256-bit encryption along with the additional Private Key encryption, nobody, not even the government, can see your data.”

Additionally, their are plenty of other companies as identified by CloudStorageBuzz offering client side encryption, enabling you to garble data before storing it – and maintaining your keys locally however you wish.

CenturyLink/Savvis Aqcuires Appfog

CenturyLink’s cloud IaaS provider Savvis announced today that it is acquiring AppFog, a growing PaaS provider with more than 150,000 deployed applications. The price of the deal remains undisclosed, but AppFog will continue their normal services which includes a free option for developers who want to test out their platform. Through this acquisition, developers may soon have greater access to infrastructure resources to quickly deploy and host applications created on AppFog.

FireHost Heats Up

Secure cloud hosting provider FireHost has secured another 12 milion in series D funding aimed at extending services in the secure cloud category. FireHost has long been an industry leader in secure cloud technologies and ranks very highly in terms of cloud performance. The company’s unique secure cloud blocked more than 60 million attacks last year alone and continues to provide resources for customers.

GoodData Doing Well, Raises $22M

SaaS analytics firm GoodData has raised 22 million in another round of funding, most notably from Latin America’s largest enterprise soft company, TOVS Ventures. Currently, GoodData has raised over 75 million dollars, and speculations about an IPO are looking possible within the next few years.

IBM Calls Foul on AWS Contract with CIA

A few weeks ago, Amazon was chosen for a $600 million CIA cloud contract to expand data mining efforts, but IBM has stepped in and is now contesting the claim. Their appeal to the Government Accountability Office forced a recommendation that the CIA reopen negotiations. It now has 60 days to assess the GAO’s reasoning and announce its decisions following the 2 month period.

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