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Hot Air in the Clouds, July 5th 2013

German Cloud Marketplace to Open in 2014

This week Deutsche Börse, the operator of the Frankfurt stock exchange and Eurex derivatives exchange has announced plans to offer trading for spare capacity with real time prices. The exchange will open early next year, with tradable quantities as small as 1 terabyte. Sellers and buyers will be able to quickly purchase and provision their resources although sales will be aimed to be vendor neutral.

Rackspace Announces Contributor Status to CERN

Rackspace Hosting has announced this week that it has partnered with CERN openlab to construct a hybrid cloud solution based on Openstack to aid in CERN research.  The federated cloud will help the researchers analyze the data created by their machines. For example, just the the Large Hadron Collider alone generates “more than 25 petabytes of data annually”.

Neelie Kroes Comments on NSA

The recent NSA scandal has negative implications on the future of cloud computing within the United States. A loss of European and domestic trust due to government spying can drive customers to providers in other countries with more privatization. European Commission VP Neelie Kroes emphasized that certain cases such as preventing terrorism requires surveillance, but that the surveillance itself must be based upon transparent laws. However, it has been revealed that France has been using a similar data collecting program on the government level.

Intel to Enter TV Entertainment Space

Intel is preparing to launch its own internet based TV service by the end of 2013. By using cloud technologies similarly to Netflix, Intel plans to sell internet set-top boxes that will deliver content to customers through the internet. The plan will aim to allow customers subscription based upon channels or shows, instead of having to pay for a large package that contains many unwatched channels. Currently, more than 2000 Intel employees are testing out the service in their own homes.

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