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Hot Air in the Clouds – July 19th, 2013

Cloud + Gaming, a Great Couple?


The use of cloud by the gaming community has been exploding. Just look at how the Netflix for PC games, Steam’s, massive Summer Sale is turning wallets in the ever-coveted “Male 18-35 audience” inside-out. But the digital delivery trend is only half the story.

Game developers themselves have been building and deploying highly scalable (and hopefully viral games) since the advent of IaaS. Ask a cloud IaaS provider like GMO Cloud and you’ll understand that for developers – the availability of infrastructure that scales when they need it has made the lifecycle of their products much more manageable. Add to that the availability of highly virtualized servers in Japan, the mecca of mobile games and localization services and you’ll realize this is a budding market – one that GMO Cloud is well ready to serve.

Microsoft’s Xbox One will even seek to pull efficiency from the cloud – offering their developers the ability to offload storage and computational cycles in games to Microsoft to improve performance. It’s unclear whether or not gamers themselves will see a noticeable difference in their games however as lead architect of the Playstation 4, Mark Cerny, comments that, “trying to boost the quality of the graphics, that won’t work well in the cloud.”

One thing is clear: the growing entertainment industry and it use of cloud resources in both development and delivery should see continued innovation.

Dimension Data Benchmarks Better than AWS

The IaaS cloud service provider and subsidiary of NTT, Dimension Data, has recently release results of a benchmark test that has them faring better in some aspects than AWS, Rackspace, and IBM SmartCloud. While comparing compute performance at a base level compute unit can be incredibly challenging (just ask friends at Cloud Spectator) there is one key takeaway from the test – and that is Dimension Data was offering considerably high performance in throughput thanks to their internal data center LAN, pipes, and infrastructure; making them an excellent choice for applications that would benefit from available bandwidth utilization efficiency. The tests, conducted by the Tolly Group using the Phoronix Test Suite 3.6.1, were sponsored by DiData themselves so should be taken with a grain of salt.

Government to Spend $5.4B in IaaS

A report released by the IDC details the government’s increased spending trend on cloud infrastructure – notably IaaS / private cloud. Research director at IDC Government Insights noted that spending will remain flat for some time before ramping up, “There are clear indications that fiscal year 2014 will continue to be a flat year for cloud computing investments,” he continued to say, “Yet beyond that, growth potential looks bright. Investments should reach a critical mass around 2015 and beyond. A new emphasis on cloud solutions is expected to return within the next 18 months, and private cloud investments should approach $7.7 billion by FY2017.” Public cloud was a notable no-show with security concerns still prevalent and accounting for only 10% of planned spending, however with cloud service brokerages working full steam to make procurement and delivery safe and efficient for government agencies, we might see a future revision.

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