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Hot Air in the Clouds April 5th, 2013

CloudMunch Launches DevOPs Platform at DeployCon

CloudMunch, SaaS set of DevOps tools, launched the CloudMunch DevOps platform at the DeployCon Conference put together by Rishidot Research. Features included such as Opscode Chef deployments, and Github-to-Cloud with 1 Click make the platform a “full stack” of DevOps tools so that dev environments can feel more like production, leading to less surprises and less headaches.

The Top 10 Women in Cloud from CloudNOW

At a time when sexism in tech has hit a high note, we give kudos to CloudNOW – a non-profit consortium if the leading women in cloud computing. At Cloud Connect 2013 Jocelyn DeGance Graham the founder of CloudNOW paid tribute to a group of outstanding women in technology. We celebrate their mission and honorees’ accomplishments and will continue looking to them as thought leaders.

Top Ten Women in Cloud Award recipients for 2013:
Becky Swain, Director Cloud Assurance, PwC; and Founding Member, Cloud
Security Alliance (CSA)
Cara Beston, Partner, PwC
Lori MacVittie, Senior Technology Analyst, F5 Networks
Lydia Leong, Vice President of Research and Cloud Expert, Gartner
Manjula Talreja, Vice President Global Cloud Business Development, Cisco
Margaret Dawson, Vice President of Product Marketing, and Cloud
Evangelist, HP
Michelle Munson, Co-Founder and President, Aspera
Rhonda MacLean, Founder, MacLean Risk Partners, and former Global Chief
Information Security Officer at Barclays and Bank of America
Susan Wu, Founder Persona Equity
• Vanessa Alvarez, Director Product Marketing, Gridstore

PEER1 + Tier3 = “Mission Critical Cloud”

Peer 1 Hosting has launched its “Mission Critical Cloud”, which is a public cloud tailored towards enterprises. This cloud will feature built-in security, disaster recovery, and cloud management. The aim is to create a safer, more complete, and more secure public cloud solution which will aid with enterprise public cloud adoption.

Patent Monitoring for Technology

Microsoft has launched a Patent monitoring service for everyone to use. This move by Microsoft is the first step to increase transparency across all industries and in turn will reduce patent disputes, lower gamesmanship, and facilitate licensing. As these transparency norms change, governments and other businesses may adopt more transparent practices and reduce unfair advantages due to opaque information.

A Physical Cloud Computer from Chris Kemp

Nebula has launched Nebula One, a cloud based computer that allows computers to be plugged into one system and controlled by an individual through Nebula’s software. This will give users a highly scalable computer that can deliver performance as needed. The machine will cost around $100,000, and require minimal interference once set up.

IBM Accelerates Data Analysis, Also Becomes Thai Supplier of Cloud

IBM announced new technologies to help analyze big data through “data acceleration.” This will allow companies to more quickly (25x more quickly being advertised) analyze their large amounts of data to find hidden relationships and improve their business efficiencies. Although the PureData System for Hadoop will not be ready until the second half of this year, the other analytics offerings are available now. IBM also just signed a deal with Thai government telecom provider CAT Plc. to provide cloud computing services to Thailand.

Oracle Opens a Singapore “Cloud”

Oracle has launched their first data center in Singapore in order to meet rising demand for cloud computing resources. Asia-Pacific is a fast growing region and by establishing local data centers companies can more easily follow government laws and regulations about data security and residency. Other firms such as Pacnet, Equinix and Google are also expanding to Singapore.

Amazon Drops Prices

Amazon has cut prices again on Windows On-Demand EC2 instances by up to 26%. Although the market is diversifying and contains many vendors, Amazon is seeking to expand their dominance through price reduction. Analysts are weary of how much prices may further drop, but the race to the bottom continues as new clouds come to life will the variety and diversification mean more to users than the price?

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