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Hot Air in the Clouds, April 26th 2013

Cloud Storage Company Leaks E-mails

Cloud storage and backup company Carbonite accidentally leaked 2600 user e-mails on April 24th. Instead of using an email list, they simply listed open email addresses into the sender field. This compromises the security of these customers as their e-mail is their login username, exposing them to hackers who use methods such as brute force hacking. Let’s hope no mistakes of this scale are every made again.

Pivotal Gets Major Launch Investment to Promoting “Cloud Independence”

General Electric announced a $105 million investment in cloud start-up Pivotal. Pivotal is establishing itself as a PaaS provider with technologies including VMware and Hadoop. GE staked this 10% position in Pivotal to help with big data analytics in the future with hopes of improving productivity. Future applications include the aviation, energy, and health care industries within GE.

Cloud Insurance Going Live

On April 24th the MSPAlliance in partnership with Lockton Affinity announced the availability of Cloud and Managed Services Insurance to protect against Technology E&O, Cyber liability, Contractual liability, General Liability, and Property. The insurance offering is only available to current MSPA member, and more information about coverage can be found on the MSPA website.

Learndot Launches Online Education Platform

Learndot has officially launched their platform for the public to allow businesses to open online education platforms to build and  deliver classes, training, and certifications. Companies can purchase packages allowing for an X number of employees to access an organization’s courses, and Learndot includes a free plan for up to 5 users for firms to test run and evaluate the platform.

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