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ComputeNext Enables Single Sign-on To The World’s Cloud Platforms

ComputeNext makes multi-cloud single sign-on a reality.

Let’s think about what the ideal cloud infrastructure would look like. We can start by ruling out what it wouldn’t look like: it wouldn’t be a monolithic deployment on one cloud platform. That sort of deployment fails to take advantage of the flexibility inherent in cloud technology: the ability to choose vendors based on immediate requirements, on performance, on service level guarantees, and on price, leveraging the highly competitive cloud marketplace in the interest of the cloud user, not the cloud vendor — which is the inevitable result of vendor lock-in.

I’m painting a picture of a multi-cloud environment. One in which the buyer is in control because the market is fluid and money can be moved between services depending on the needs of the client.

But, as we’ve discussed before, although it sounds nice in theory, managing a multi-cloud environment can be highly complex in practice. So complex, in fact, that it’s beyond the ability of most companies, which lands them back in the familiar position of being dependent on a single vendor because the cost of moving between vendors put up a significant barrier to movement.

Consider authentication as just one example. Multiple stakeholders within an organization may require access to cloud infrastructure. Of course, IT departments need access, but so do developers, devops, and the users of cloud storage and compute. With a single vendor interface, securely validating the identity of those users is straightforward enough. In a multi-cloud environment it has the potential to become a nightmare, and complex security scenarios are a common cause of security vulnerabilities and data loss.

With on-premise infrastructure, there have long been solutions to the authentication problem, such as Active Directory, but in the cloud, viable authentication mechanisms that allow for the tying together of disparate platforms and services under a single sign-on process have been lacking.

ComputeNext provides the integration layer that makes easy authentication in the cloud a reality, thereby empowering businesses to build multi-cloud environments without the complexity involved in creating bespoke authentication processes and the security risks that entails.

With ComputeNext’s integrated cloud brokerage interface, the complexity is hidden behind an intuitive interface that gives clients single sign-on access to dozens of compute and storage platforms.

Along with the ability to select vendors and resources, access their APIs in a unified interface, and deploy workloads and data fluidly across multiple vendors, ComputeNext’s cloud SSO solves the problem of sign-on in a federated cloud.


Image: Flikr/Jim Hammer

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