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Cloud Transcoding for Media Post-Production and Content Delivery

Transcoding-as-a-Service Enhances Content Delivery for Post-production

Even just a decade ago, it was enough to produce content that satisfied users of just one delivery channel. If your primary market was TV, you’d produce videos appropriate for transmission over the air. If you were creating content for online viewing, it was very unlikely if you also need to produce high-quality HD content that could be played on a 60-inch television screen. Today’s world requires distribution of content across a countless array of devices and screens – a new challenge that can be solved using on-demand services.

Reach Wider Audiences with Transcoding in the Cloud

Times have changed. Faster home Internet connections and widely available Wi-Fi and LTE connections mean it’s no longer enough to prepare content for distribution through one channel. Audiences have become fragmented. Content producers have to be prepared to go where the viewers are or risk losing their audiences and the associated advertising or subscription revenue. It’s now necessary to encode and transcode content that is of a suitable size to be watched on devices that run the gamut from high definition TVs, through desktops with HD monitors, laptops, large-screen mobile devices like the iPad, and the huge variety of screen sizes that modern smartphones have.https://www.computenext.com/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wordpress/img/trans.gif

Faster, Cheaper Video Transcoding

Video transcoding is a computationally intensive process, and, quickly and efficiently converting video into the multiple formats expected by modern viewers used to require significant investment in hardware and network infrastructure.

Cloud-based transcoding offers a solution that requires no upfront investment, reduced costs for both technical staff and codec licenses, and helps avoid the risk of over- or under-provisioning infrastructure — both of which can have significant impact on revenue.

Harmonic, one of the most prominent companies in the video delivery space, revealed their innovative cloud transcoding service earlier this year. ProMedia Carbon MP is an Amazon Web Service-based transcoding solution that is capable of taking broadcast-quality video and transcoding it into almost any standard video format using Harmonic’s famed Rhozet technology. The platform can be used for transcoding projects for small media production companies, individual media professionals, and service providers. Cloud technology platforms like ProMedia Carbon MP make it possible to accurately predict and control costs for media transcoding and deliver content in diverse formats very quickly.

ProMedia Carbon MP is an excellent example of how cloud providers are disrupting the media production space using the inherent benefits of cloud technology to create solutions that lower the barrier to entry and cost of participating in the media production industry at an exciting point in its evolution. Discover more transcoding options in marketplaces that specialize in media services like MediaPaaS.

ComputeNext’s Solutions for Media help media producers to choose the most cost-effective and efficient cloud platforms for their projects.


Image: Flikr/Luke Wroblewski

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