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Cloud Resellers: More Factors in Picking a Cloud Marketplace Platform (You Asked, We Answered!)

In a recent post, we discussed what we believed to be some of the more pressing questions to ask a cloud marketplace vendor before deciding to do business with them and integrating your business processes into their cloud sales and marketing platform. Today’s IT professionals have new demands that require agility and scalability on behalf of their partners and a cloud marketplace can help provide that. There are many questions to ask and we explored some of them previously and asked for your comments and feedback – which we wanted to dive into today.

Today we’ll discuss some of the key questions you sent in –

Supporting Multiple Purchase Models

The marketplace platforms should allow your customers to easily discover, purchase and launch the cloud services without much help from external sources. Can your provider offer multiple models like subscription and consumption models where customers can subscribe for services and renew based on daily, weekly, or monthly basis or based on the consumption of the service without being hindered by what the platform can enable for them in terms of subscriptions.

Accepts a Broad Range of Payment Methods

What kind of data formats and payment gateway integrations are available out of the box, or what can be added on? Having end to end cloud metering helps you to capture the utilization of cloud services across various user groups. This allows you to raise a consolidated bill that is integrated into global payment gateway and supports multiple currencies.

Provisioning Within the Platform

Marketplace platform should allow you to provide the required cloud services from multiple vendors with ease. As a reseller, you have to prepare the resources well in advance of starting your services. In-addition, dynamic provisioning allows you to provide more resources based on the needs and to remove then when the task is completed.

Cutting Your Marketing Costs

Marketplaces, which are built to generate and capitalize on online traffic, will bring free long-tail growth and visibility to your products and as such, you can maximize your marketing investments for organic growth. Marketplaces can propel cloud service offerings and bundles to top positions in search engines and can ensure that they remain in the top position by employing best practices such as loyalty programs, advertisements, affiliation programs, social media and SEO activities that tie the products and services into an integrated marketing strategy.

Vendor Onboarding

Since marketplace platforms sell only the products of 3rd party vendors, your customers need to be confident that they get the best and top quality services at best prices. As marketplaces have their own separate agreements with vendors, customers need to be able to see what they are getting and if the service level agreements are different than that of which they’d be getting if they had went direct. Protecting the customer and ensuring they have all the information they need is a process that begins with vendor onboarding and ensuring that the right information is captured and in a way that it can be shared easily with customers to enhance retention over time. In addition, the marketplace platform should regularly track and monitor sellers’ performance and service availability with the ability to grade them and filter out service providers which are not delivering at the agreed levels.

We appreciate your input and would definitely like to continue the discussion, so get in touch today!

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