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Cloud Computing News: October 18th, 2013

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­­CloudSigma Offering New Price Drops for Secure IaaS

A second price drop in the span of a few months makes CloudSigma’s IaaS more attractive than ever, especially for those in need of enhanced security and high performance.

CloudSigma, a pure-play IaaS provider with secure data center locations in Zurich, Switzerland and Las Vegas, Nevada has just announced 15% price drops on their CPU pricing and another 20% on RAM – making their compute a very viable option for those looking for secure cloud deployments. Their Swiss cloud location adheres to stringent data protection and privacy laws that you can rely on with encrypted cloud storage using a 256bit AES encryption cascade.

­­Bigstep Launches IaaS for Big Data in the UK

Those looking for IaaS to meet their unique requirements for Big Data comes full metal cloud from a provider with a strong attempt at differentiation.

A new cloud service provider is on the horizon, launching a product aimed squarely at landing Big Data workloads in Europe. Bigstep, which currently operates a data center in Reading, with plans to launch more cloud availability zones throughout Europe in the next year, is focusing itself on providing massive improvements in network latency with infrastructure capable of 44GbE – or 44x more capacity than traditional 1GB data uplinks. story via the WHIR.

­­What Can Cocaine Teach Us About PaaS?

Developers love PaaS. But why should developers love Cocaine?

Cocaine – this new, provocatively named service from Yandex (the Russian search engine) is an open-source PaaS enablement platform. It’s a growing crop of PaaS services looking to leverage Docker; a service spun off by dotCloud which enables applications to live in and of themself in lightweight containers regardless of their infrastructure.

But will this just yield more public PaaS platforms struggling to achieve enterprise adoption? Or will private PaaS see a rejuvenated push thanks to added flexibility in deployment? And seriously… Cocaine? Naming conventions be damned – we’re just excited to see more Docker use cases! story via TechCrunch

­­Real Cloud Use Cases: Virgin Management

While Sir Richard Branson may be busy with Virgin Galactic, and trying to get above the clouds – one of his subsidiaries is bringing the cloud back down to earth.

Virgin Management, a subsidiary of the Virgin Group have moved all of their IT infrastructure to IaaS. After facing a move of offices, their IT team found a window of opportunity to scrap their legacy gear and look to the cloud. They wanted to offer IT’s users a BYOD policy with virtual desktops anywhere, reduced costs and greater agility. They believed their current infrastructure was restrictive, distributive and non-scaleable so moving to Codestone IaaS in the UK was a no brainer for them. story via ComputerWeekly

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