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Cloud Computing News: November 13th 2013

Cloud Computing News

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Find this week’s top cloud computing news and hot air, right here; from public cloud expansion in Europe to acquisitions in Canada.

With OpenStack Leadership, Red Hat on the Cloud to Become a Top Choice

Red Hat wants to be top dog with both Linux and Openstack.

Whether you’re looking for RHEL on the cloud, OpenShift Paas, or private cloud OpenStack deployments – Red Hat are making the case to be your open source vendor of choice. Recently announcing several new innovations in support of the company’s open hybrid cloud vision, including beta availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 4.0. Red Hat have also announced plans to ease the deployment of its OpenShift PaaS and last but not least they have expanded their Cloud Infrastructure Partner Network.

Red Hat have made this business partnership to increase their market size by bringing on customers who wish to run Openstack on their cloud. Red Hat said it believes OpenStack is a core element of the datacenter fabric of the future. They believe that by partnering up with OpenStack they are optimizing their offerings across IaaS, PaaS, cloud management and storage – and are in a good position to continued open source dominance.

Cloud Based Security to Grow

The Cloud Based Security Market Will Grow to $3.1 Billion by 2015

Privacy is still one of the biggest inhibitors to moving to cloud based services. This has been particularly a big problem in parts of the world where there are strict regulatory and privacy requirements like Europe.

Regardless of privacy issues, Gartner have said that the cloud security market will be worth $2.1 billion in 2013 and reach $3.1 billion by 2015. Gartner have also said that with the market growth there will be an increase in acceptance, through organisations gaining more experience. via CloudComputing-SysCon

OpenStack Gains Attention in China

The Openstack Summit in Hong Kong has revealed promising statistics for the future of the cloud in China.

At the Openstack summit two Forrester analysts provided a survey that showed what exactly was happening with the cloud in China. The survey showed that of 150 cloud virtualization practitioners; 33% were considering using OpenStack to build private, public, or hybrid cloud solutions. Another 28% said that they have no plans for deployment and are currently just learning about the architecture and technology, while 25% said that they were considering to use OpenStack to build a private cloud system for their own needs.

Concerns have been made about the lack of professional training which were shown in the Forrester analysis but there are users groups and an increased effort from vendors to educate the community at large, so they are aware of this issue and have even started an online training marketplace.

Is OpenStack a part of your hybrid cloud strategy and how did you get educated on it? Tell us below!

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