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Cloud Computing News: January 16th, 2014

Cloud Computing News

This week’s cloud news!

Here you’ll find this week’s top cloud computing news and hot air, via the ComputeNext cloud marketplace. This weeks’ featured stories? Different views at continued public cloud growth and usage as well as new features from CloudSigma.

CloudSigma Now Offering Advanced Data Recovery

Cloudsigma announced that it has enhanced its (SSD) storage offering with affordable snapshot management technology to improve data protection and access in the cloud

CloudSigma’s storage management technology reveals the power of live snapshotting to greatly improve data access in the cloud,It’s not only able to copy drives for effective, cloud-based disaster recovery, but also applies to other practical use cases like allowing companies to create a fully functional copy of a production environment for testing and development to show what would happen when any changes are put into production.
It’s scenarios like this that are helping customers appreciate all the benefits of what CloudSigma’s live, granular snapshotting can mean for their computing environment.The new snapshot management technology is fully integrated into CloudSigma’s existing platform. Check out cloudsigmas offerings in our marketplace

Cloud Computing Not Hyped Enough

Continued growth in cloud is possible, as the ‘hype’ dies down.

We’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to cloud even though at times it seems like old news.
In  2013 the overall cloud pie grew to $131 billion, including such diverse segments as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), advertising services and Software as a Service (SaaS),according to Gartner.
IDC predicts that aggregate cloud spending will exceed $100B in 2014 with amazing growth, given the scale, of 25%. Those are big numbers, but think about this: some 15 years after Salesforce.com was founded, its head pin category, sales force automation (SFA), is still only around 40% penetrated by the cloud. ERP is less than 10% in the cloud. EPM is less than 5% in the cloud.

Businesses are Pumping More and More Money into the Clouds

Tracking real companies as they spend more and more to run their applications on public clouds.

Cloudability customers spent $65,099 on average in a single hour, up from $21,500 an hour in December 2012 according to Matt Ellis their CEO. Ellis believes that growth will continue, he believes that they will see a growth of 3-4 timesby DEcember 2014. Ellis also stated that Amazon isn’t the only growing cloud. Amazon’s competitors in the IaaS market have reported big growth recently. That means that Amazon won’t be the only winner, there will be huge growth for all cloud markets. Ellis suspects Google Compute Engine, Microsoft’s Windows Azure, ProfitBricks, and DigitalOcean stand to gain in 2014, among others.

Do you think public cloud growth will grow as large as predicted? Tell us your thoughts below!

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