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Cloud Computing News: December 11th 2013

Cloud Computing News

This week’s cloud news!

Here you’ll find this week’s top cloud computing news and hot air, via the ComputeNext cloud marketplace. This weeks’ featured stories? Chinese Cloud Marketplaces, and better storage from CloudSigma – via Zadara Virtual Private Storage Arrays.

Cloud Marketplaces to Unify Chinese Cloud Consumption

Will China catch up with the rest of the world on cloud adoption?

Until now, China has been slower than the U.S. in moving to the cloud. Many reasons exist including infrastructure woes, regulation, and an unfriendly atmosphere towards strong cloud products and services. Earlier this year Microsoft announced a partnership with a local company, 21vianet, to sell cloud services, making it the first major foreign player to break into China’s domestic market. We believe this to be a viable strategy and are following suit. Because the Chinese market is valued so highly with an estimated cloud computing value chain value of $18.6B this year with a compound annual growth rate of 91.5% each year – it makes sense to find a strong partner to break into the market.

Hailing Microsoft’s move as “the start of a new era,” Charlie Dai of leading IT research company Forrester foresees that, “a new chapter of cloud is going to be written by a new ecosystem in China’s market.” The building of an ecosystem will help spur growth and by 2015, the market for cloud services in China is expected to be worth between $122 billion and $163 billion, according to the China Software Industry Association – with open cloud ecosystems a driving force behind it. With municipalities like Beijing itself investing $1 billion to accelerate development of the industry, which is expected to grow 40 percent annually over the next several years it’s a good time to be getting involved in the Chinese cloud market. For this reason ComputeNext has partnered with the CCCS to begin onboarding Chinese cloud offerings and make them available for IT end-user consumption. The vision of CCCS, according to Dr. David Wang, CEO of CCCS, is to “rapidly facilitate cloud adoption in mainland China, which happens to be one of the fastest growing markets globally.”

Cloudsigma Couples Zadara Storage to Public Cloud Offering

Cloudsigma have announced a strategic partnership to start offering Zadara’s Virtual Private Storage Array.

With this partnership Cloudsigma will now be offering cloud consumers access to Zadara’s private block and file Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) services at hourly rates, serving as either primary or secondary storage. Cloudsigma mentions that this partnership makes perfect sense for them because they have always been committed to providing superior storage performance in the cloud and their partnership Zadara will help them further their goal.

While Zadara said that they were proud to team up with Cloudsigma because of its reputation for quality, innovation and customer service. We’re looking forward to test it out and see how good this combination gets.

Do you believe the opportunity in China is as large as predicted? Tell us your thoughts below!

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