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CloudED by ComputeNext: Channel Training & Education Program

One of the biggest challenges facing IT channel sales organizations today is maintaining their sales revenue through transitioning their clientele from on-premise infrastructure and software to off-premise cloud-based services.  This fundamental business shift needs to handled very carefully such that the channel partner can maintain their role as the “trusted advisor” for their clients, providing adequate guidance and knowledge through that transition.

Thus there is a huge need for education and training resources that can better equip these organizations to lead these cloud conversations, understand the larger market dynamics of cloud computing, and ultimately exude a sense of trustworthiness to their clients.  Unfortunately, the plethora of platform & technology vendors respective to cloud services coupled with the barrage of marketing information about ‘going to the cloud’ can be very daunting and confusing as to what your first steps should be.

The channel sales team at ComputeNext recognizes the need to take a calculated approach to this IT evolution.  As such, we are proud to announce the launch of our CloudED™ Education & Training Program in partnership with the industry leader in channel sales education, CompTIA®.  CloudED contains a combination of certification training programs and self-help resources designed to let you choose the topics you want to learn, and go through them at your own pace.

Through CompTIA, we offer executive certificates in cloud computing for both beginner & advanced levels, as well as certificates in the most common cloud-based workflows in the industry today such as data recovery, business continuity, IT security, and unified communications.  Combined with our own hands-on training videos designed to build your own competence in using our Marketplace, the CloudED program is a fantastic first step to building your skills in cloud services and better establishing your leadership with new & existing clients.

Visit CloudED and start your learning today!

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