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Canadian Cloud Hosting

Why Choose a Cloud Provider in Canada?

Going North with your data? We don’t blame you! There’s a multitude of reasons besides being a local Canadian business to host your data in this North American country and her 13 provinces and territories. Canada’s long and complex relationship with the U.S. has led to a very distinct development of its economic and legal frameworks, and there are significant business advantages to Canadian cloud hosting because of it. If you’re looking for the best Canadian cloud hosting or want to learn why you should be – read on!

Customer Service

Canadians are good. Just /r/askreddit about Good Guy Canada and you won’t be let down! Most people don’t know until they experience it first-hand – Canada is among the highest rated countries in overall customer service quality. With a history of a highly educated workforce and politeness, you can expect the best in customer service from our Northern neighbors.

Economic Choice for Cloud Hosting

Canadian data centers benefit from a wide supply of clean and renewable energy that also evades having to rely as much on air conditioning thanks to its colder climate. In combination with operational efficiencies, Canadian companies also get to do business with a favorable currency as compared to the US dollar.

Great Backbone – “A mari usque ad mare”

“A mari usque ad mare” (from sea to sea) – the national Canadian motto applies to its physical landmass as much as it does its network backbone. With a highly reliable (no east coast earthquakes in over 300 years!) and highly integrated backbone to major U.S. cities – you can expect great connectivity to and from the U.S. with not much difference in proximity, with a possible boost performance depending on your workload.

A Strong Economy and SEO Benefits

If want to capture Canadian consumers attention with your internet business, you’ll want to have an IP address that’s pointing to a Canadian server for a number of reasons. Web searches are more than likely coming across engines like google.ca and coming across local businesses much more prominently than a .com address.

Data Protection Comes First

Since the passing of the Patriot Act by the U.S. – Canada opened dialog on data privacy and has fortified its position as a leader in data protection. Since then, amongst scandals like the public outing of programs like the NSA’s PRISM protocol, Canada has maintained a highly regulated legal environment to protect the privacy of personal data which is located within Canadian borders called the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (or PIPEDA.)


So what makes for the best Canadian Cloud Hosting experience?

We asked our newest partner at CACloud to share their thoughts. Stay tuned and find out soon! In the meantime, feel free to join our newsletter to make sure you don’t miss out on our monthly updates, special offers, and bonus workload credits.

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