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Building the Perfect Digital Content Cloud

Building the Perfect Digital Media Content Cloud

Is it your responsibility to provide backend services for digital content? If you think so, you probably spend your days struggling to balance the capabilities of the network with the needs of users and customers.

When projects are in development, resource needs will fluctuate wildly as content is created, uploaded, and revised. Then, after the content is released, demand will peak again and hold steady for a while, with occasional spikes from media coverage or social networking recommendations.

But whether the traffic is accelerating or decelerating, you need to provide consistent service and availability. People working under deadlines don’t care about the strain on the server; they need to get their work done. And viewers, trained to expect instant gratification, aren’t going to fold their hands and wait for content to stream or download smoothly.

The Mission Critical Technology Challenge

It’s almost a cliché to direct struggling businesses to a cloud provider. We all know the cloud is the answer. The real question is: which cloud?

Five Things You Should Think About When Choosing A Cloud Vendor

When seeking your perfect cloud, start by asking what capabilities you need. Do you mainly need to manage media assets, or do you also want to provide collaborative features for your team? Do you need to tie your external cloud to the ones you maintain in-house? Do you want to access services via a SaaS subscription model, or do you prefer to run apps and services on a dedicated cloud? You may also want to explore the idea of using a local cloud, mitigating potential issues with latency and bandwidth.

Don’t base your decision solely on any service level agreements (SLAs) that promise amazing uptime or your money back. These agreements can be convoluted and difficult to enforce. Instead, rely on references from actual users. LinkedIn and other professional networking sites are a good place to connect with other professionals in your industry who have experience working with a given provider.

You’ll also want the flexibility to change your cloud services, so that you can meet new demands and initiatives without high and unpredictable expenses.

Cut Complexity with Cloud Service Brokerages

Many media companies discover that putting together the perfect solution will require a slew of contracts with multiple cloud service providers. Managing all of those partners, passwords, invoices, and agreements can get very complicated. You can cut through “cloud complexity” by working with a Cloud Service Brokerage (CSB).

Cloud Brokerages Help Smart Watch App Developers Leverage The Cloud

CSBs work with cloud service providers and cloud users to design a perfect solution for a particular business’ needs. You can effectively test-drive various cloud services. The CSB will help you combine multiple best-of-breed offerings into one custom cloud. That means one point of contact, one invoice, and one contract.

Creating Your Custom Cloud

All industries share a few common needs when it comes to cloud services, among them secure access to data and user-friendliness. The digital media industry has additional specific needs.

Video files are big, so you need to provide your users with an efficient file transfer solution. Accelerated upload features should be accessible to users from their work stations and on location. Today’s users expect to annotate, tag, and share files from anywhere.

Managing Digital Media Success with Cloud Services

You’ll also want complete workflow control, automated delivery of high-definition streaming, and real-time content. You’ll need to be able to quickly transcode files and run content verification.

MediaPaaS from ComputeNext is a cloud service that was designed for the digital content industry. As a CSB, ComputeNext provides cloud platforms and applications, letting you assemble the perfect package of bandwidth, storage and services. These include FileCatalyst, which accelerates file transfer speed by up to 100x, along with leading transcoding, workflow, automation, and content verification services.

Configure your perfect cloud right now at the MediaPasS portal. You can be up and running in minutes, with no up-front costs.

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