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Branded Cloud Marketplaces Are A New Way To Offer Cloud Services

Branded Cloud Marketplaces: A New Way to Offer Cloud

ComputeNext’s branded cloud marketplace enables agencies, consultants, solution providers, and channel resellers to offer their clients an integrated white label cloud brokerage.

Our cloud marketplace is a powerful solution for businesses that would like offer clients and employees the ability to quickly find a suitable cloud platform, deploy their workloads and applications, and build a federated cloud from the offerings of multiple vendors.

It helps the cloud fulfill its early promise: no vendor lock-in, no limitations in vendor choice, and the ability to choose platforms for specific tasks and workloads with a unified interface and API.

Branded Cloud Marketplaces give clients more choices

We know how useful our cloud marketplace is, and we know that many businesses would love to be able to offer their clients the experience we offer ours. That’s why we created branded cloud marketplaces. ComputeNext’s branded cloud marketplace allows businesses to create white label marketplaces that bring all of the ComputeNext goodness to their clients and allow them to create a cohesive branded experience that conforms to their business’s brand strategy.

ComputeNext white label branded marketplaces are comparable to traditional hosting reselling, but with incomparably more power and flexibility. We allow you to offer a complete cloud brokerage experience to your users, changing the way that online services vendors interact with their clients, who can build a diverse and powerful bespoke federated cloud platform that leverages our integration and billing technology and our partnerships with many of the world’s leading cloud platform providers.

We create the platform of platforms; you create added value and leverage our integration expertise to deliver the cloud to clients.

Streamline, streamline, streamline!

Branded cloud brokerages are also a powerful tool for companies to offer cloud services internally. Most companies use the cloud at some level, but projects are hindered by the need to procure and deploy cloud resources from external companies. To be sure, it’s much more efficient than procuring and deploying physical hardware, but traditional cloud procurement still creates friction that can be harmful to iteration and innovation.

Our branded cloud marketplaces can be used to bring our established cloud integration technology within your business and with your branding; allowing project leaders and other stakeholders to quickly and easily assess and deploy the resources necessary to support their vision without having to deal with external vendors — of course, the external vendors are still involved, but we take care of the details, you simply choose which platforms and technologies work best for your projects.

Branded cloud marketplaces from ComputeNext are a new way of offering cloud services that has the potential to multiply your company’s cloud capabilities and increase revenue.

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