Mobile Gaming and Scalability in the Cloud

Mobile Gaming and Scalability Solutions As smart devices continue to gain popularity around the globe, more game developers have taken to designing games to be played on phones and tablets. Part [...]


Empowering Genomics Start-ups with High Performance Compute

Genomics Startups Are Flourishing in the Cloud Among the major success stories of last decade are the advances made in the fields of bioinformatics and genomics. The knowledge developed by [...]


Using Cloud Servers for Post-Production

4 Reasons To Use The Cloud In Post-Production Media The Cloud is neither foggy nor white when referring the mysterious computer term. The Cloud is a network of servers. Each has a different [...]


Cloud Transcoding for Media Post-Production and Content Delivery

Transcoding-as-a-Service Enhances Content Delivery for Post-production Even just a decade ago, it was enough to produce content that satisfied users of just one delivery channel. If your primary [...]


eLearning and Scalable, Online Education Programs

How to Scale eLearning, MOOCs, and Online Education Programs Education is being thrown on its head.  The way the global community learns as well as propagates its knowledge is being [...]

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