Leadership Team

  • Sundar Kannan
    Sundar Kannan Founder & CEO

    Sundar Kannan, has had sales and management responsibilities in HP, Oracle, and IBM. Most recently he was the Director of Business Development for Windows Azure in Microsoft. He has been working in the IT industry for the past 16 years in various capacities mainly in roles focusing on client success. His career has taken him from IBM/Lotus in Asia to HP and Oracle in Canada before moving to Microsoft in 2004. He has held many regional and global roles, with an extensive background in Enterprise, Hosting, and Telco sales. In 2006, he won the top sales award for the Communication Sector in Microsoft for closing a significant multiyear deal with a leading Telco in Canada. Sundar also served 3 years in the Singapore Navy as a Naval Gunner. He finished his degree from York University, Canada in Computer Science.

  • Dr. Munirathnam Srikanth
    Dr. Munirathnam Srikanth CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER

    Dr. M. Srikanth is the founding member and Chief Architect at ComputeNext. Dr. Srikanth was formerly a researcher at Microsoft working on knowledge acquisition and search and discovery technologies as an applied research at Microsoft Bing. He has a Ph. D. in computer science from SUNY Buffalo and over 13 years in search and semantic technology. He is fascinated with how search and discovery can power efficient computing in federated cloud ecosystems. He’s also an avid Game of Thrones fan and father of two.

  • Augusto Piazza
    Augusto Piazza CFO

    Augusto Piazza, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at ComputeNext brings over two decades of experience in the financial services field having held executive positions in leading investment banks in Asia and in Europe. At ComputeNext, he leads all of the enterprise finance and operational activities. An avid number-cruncher and a business analyst and catalyst, Augusto brings a unique vision to ComputeNext’s financing, accounting, and business operations. Augusto graduated in law from the University of Geneva, Switzerland.

  • Hiroshi Onaka
    Hiroshi Onaka Vice President APAC Operations

    Hiroshi Onaka, Vice President of APAC Operations at ComputeNext, brings not only business development but also vast team building experience in the Asia Pacific region. He has had startup experiences in both Japan and the US, starting with Dell operations in Tokyo and Open Interface operations in Seattle. With a keen understanding of OEM business in both hardware and software technologies, he has a great track record of building strategic partnerships to deliver on new solutions and services business. Hiroshi will lead ComputeNext APAC by recruiting new business alliances with sustainable business models, with ComputeNext core technologies, for partners and customers.

  • Bala Pandalangat
    Bala Pandalangat Chief Sales and Strategy Officer

    Bala Pandalangat has over 25 years of progressive management experience in the Global technology, software, services & outsourcing industry, based out of North America, UAE, and other global locations. Bala believes in getting the strategy right & then directly leading its implementation for rapid growth and profitability. Previously, Bala as CEO led the largest managed services provider and Tier IV Data Center operator in the UAE, Injazat (A Hewlett-Packard – HP, and Govt. of UAE JV). As RVP & Country head, WIPRO, from a startup scenario Bala grew the Canada team in 4 years to 650 onsite employees across Canada servicing clients from major industry verticals. He founded Immediate Requirements Inc, and led a turnaround of a unique Not for profit in the Outsourcing industry, as President & CEO.

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