Drive revenue growth with a turn-key solution to quickly and easily launch a cloud sales storefront for your business
Get visibility of your Users' buying behavior, consumption usage, get consolidated billing & cost optimization of resources all from one place



Provision, orchestrate, and manage a huge selection of cloud services from a single account (or API).


Easily customize and offer a cloud services storefront to your customer and partner network.


Brand, bundle, and sell your cloud services alongside a portfolio of 3rd party offerings.   


Monitor, optimize, and control cloud consumption within your IT organization and business groups.

See how other companies are transforming their businesses  using the ComputeNext Platform

Cloud Sales Automation

Cloud Sales Automation

Learn how Zones drives cultural change in the IT reselling world by leveraging cloud service brokerage technology and marketplace portals to empower 1000s of customers to better access and procure cloud solutions.

Cloud Brokerage Enablement

Cloud Brokerage Enablement

Learn how Digital Realty was able to deploy a cloud service marketplace and sales portal to empower their international sales team, of over 100 people to deliver cloud services to their accounts in weeks, not years by using the ComputeNext Platform.

Cloud Storage and Distribution

Cloud Storage and Distribution

Learn how ComputeNext helped a popular television network collaborate faster by streamlining and securing their file-sharing workflow while accelerating their file transfer 100x faster than FTP leveraging FileCatalyst software coupled with multi-cloud orchestration.

Enhancing DevOps

Enhancing DevOps

Learn how AppDynamics, a leader in Application Performance Monitoring, was able to leverage the ComputeNext cloud brokerage platform to quickly build and launch a new SaaS service for their enterprise customer base leveraging unified cloud inventory and billing.


  • "ComputeNext is a cloud pioneer that really understands the market and with whom we are happy to partner for more than two years. They help us win additional customers that benefit from our infrastructure services."

    Antonio Miguel Ferreira CEO, Lunacloud
  • "ComputeNext isn't just a transactional marketplace, they're also a valuable partner who understands our value proposition and attracts real workloads to our cloud."

    Robert Jenkins CEO, CloudSigma
  • "Thanks to ComputeNext's dedicated FileCatalyst service, we are now able to send large media files to our customers quickly and easily - without having to install expensive hardware. Our customers access their media content a lot faster than before."

    Fabien Villard Director of Technology, HAVAS Productions
  • "Our customers require the ability to strategically manage their cloud resources with real-time provisioning, while having a single pane of glass to effectively manage their cloud workloads. The Zones Cloud Marketplace is the next step in the evolution of Zones' expansive cloud offerings."

    Jon Allen VP of Cloud Services at Zones
  • "There is a strong message about how it's now become possible to build this kind of geographically dispersed service now that companies that were traditionally hosting providers are joining federated clouds. Having an API driven, pay for what you use, IaaS offering is table stakes for us and similar companies."

    Ian Withrow Group Product Manager at AppDynamics

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